Wednesday, 17 August 2022

To Utilize a Blog Instead of Other Website Building Base.

If you're a web marketer, free Blogger, website builder or do anything online regarding building websites and affiliate marketing you need to be utilising the Wordpress web building platform

As an affiliate marketer I've switched all my websites to the Wordpress platform and use both Static and Blogging alternatives for all of them (which computes great for me).

If you build websites for an income?

If you build websites for an income using basic HTML editors like NVU, Dreamweaver and etc, you're missing out. With blogs hosted on sites like Bluehost and Host Gator it is simple to make a normal static site within minutes

You are able to install Wordpress with one click (if your online host incorporates Fantastico), If you want themes it is simple to download free ones from many websites online and the Blogs can support many plugins to help you get your internet site right as much as scratch whether it be for SEO or little such things as star ratings or Google sitemaps

If you're a totally free Blogger.

If you merely use free blogs to blog about your on and offline adventures or to market you're affiliate program, I'd highly recommend you invest in hosting and make a real term for yourself on the internet. You can find so many hosting plans available, which have fantastic alternatives for you, personally I use hostgator but it's entirely your decision what host you go with

Like I said above it's really simple to use and install, if you know FTP you ought to have no issues by using this blogging platform. If you don't know FTP then you will need 1-3 days to learn how to upload, download and configure a brand new blog

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